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For use in the topical treatment of mild to moderate acne.

Combination pack Gramaderm includes a dermatological cleansing solution and soothing anti acne hydrogel that helps reduce acne, acne symptoms and redness.
Gramaderm is non-irritating to leave your skin healthy

No Burning, No Bleaching & Non-Toxic

Treating Acne with GramaDerm

Treating Acne with GramaDerm
Acne is common at certain ages and stages of life.

Luckily for most people acne is of mild to moderate severity. However, the presence of acne can have a deep impact on people.

Acne and its resulting scars can influence peoples social life and self esteem due to its presence on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest.

Unfortunately acne is mostly present during puberty and teenage years, the period where young people go out and start their social life. For women acne during and after pregnancy is also common.

The cause of acne is directly linked to the bacteria P. acnes, both acne and the bacterial infection cause inflammation and damage to the skin.

International experts recommend that for mild to moderate acne the first treatment should be topical antiseptic products (such as Gramaderm).

Unfortunately many of the products included in this category may cause burning, irritation and dryness for some people. For example products containing benzoyl peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Importantly Gramaderm has been clinically proven to help in the treatment of acne.

Gramaderm is very gentle of your skin while improving the acne symptoms of pain, number of lesions/blemishes and inflammation/redness.