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Alcohol free, hospital grade hand disinfectant for all ages

MicroCleanz hand disinfectant is free of Alcohol, Triclosan & Chlorhexidine.
It incorporates MicroHeal technology that is effective against germs but gentle on your hands. MicroCleanz is entirely non-toxic and will not damage or irritate your hands making it perfect for frequent use.

Hand Hygiene with MicroCleanz

Most hand sanitizers and disinfectants are based on alcohol or another toxic chemical that is tough on your hands and you may find that frequent use of these toxic chemicals has a physical impact on your skin!

MicroCleanz uses MicroHeal technology that is tough on infection and not your skin!
That means you can use MicroCleanz gel frequently without concern for toxic damage.

MicroCleanz is pH neutral, non-irritating & non-allergenic.

MicroCleanz is available in 120g & 250g pump bottle dispensers


If you would prefer MicroCleanz where you work please get in touch !