MicroHeal First Aid, Microdacyn leads the way in new International Guidelines.

MicroHeal product Microdacyn has been included in the new International Wound Infection Institute (IWII) clinical practice Guidelines.


The IWII is a multidisciplinary international group of experts dedicated to sharing the latest developments in wound infection and infection prevention.

Microdacyn is newly included as the only wound cleansing agent to be effective in reducing bacteria in a biofilm. Biofilms form when bacteria come together and build shelter to protect themselves, much like communities of people come together to build shelter. They are responsible for more severe wound infection as they are more difficult to remove and kill bacteria that are within.

The unique way Microdacyn can penetrate and kill biofilm is really important given the growing understanding of biofilm as a major driver of reduced healing, longer infection times and development of antibiotic resistance!

In addition to use of Microdacyn in chronic wounds is recommended to prevent wound infection in higher risk wounds and patients including:

The elderly,

People with Diabetes, Immune Disorders or Cardiovascular Disease

and in higher risk wounds:

Dirty/contaminated wounds,

Trauma with delayed treatment,

Appropriate hair removal not possible.

Despite continuing widespread use of Hydrogen Peroxide products such as Crystaderm in Australia and New Zealand, they are no longer recommended for use. This is becuase Hydrogen peroxide antiseptic products have a high risk of tissue damage and should only be used where no other product is available.

Microdacyn is available from retail pharmacy as part of the MicroHeal range from Te Arai BioFarma If you have any questions contact Te Arai BioFarma directly or speak with your health care professional