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Effective for the management and reduction of new and existing hypertrophic and keloid scars.

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Treating Scars with Epicyn

Epicyn leads to a reduction in:
Scar Height, Pain, Itch & Visibility
And an increase in:
Pliability (flexible skin) & Vascularity (blood supply)

Epicyn is a unique scar treatment that can be used before the scar has fully formed. It makes sense – how your scar will look is mainly determined when the skin is forming the scar.

Use Epicyn to treat scars right from the start, to minimise scar formation.

If you have existing scars don’t worry Epicyn was clinically tested on formed scars. Results showed Epicyn reduced all scar characteristics.

pH Neutral, clear & odourless treatment suitable for all skin types. Ideal for scars of all shapes, sizes and locations. Air-dries quickly with no need for covering or dressing on scars.

Apply directly to the affected area.

Massage Epicyn gently into or over the intended treatment area up to three times a day for up to 16 weeks

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