Supporting Optimal Oral Health

Oracyn oral care spray supports natural healing, eliminates infection and reduces symptoms associated with bleeding and sensitive gums as well as, sore, red & inflamed throats and mouths


Oracyn is effective and against both bacteria and fungi

It is non-irritating and non-staining

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Oral Health Care with Oracyn

Using Oracyn to support optimal oral health


Oracyn is unique among mouth washes and oral care products. Formulated with MicroHeal technology Oracyn is effective in the removal of even the toughest bacteria and fungi known to cause oral health issues. 



Common oral health issues include:


Gingivitis (bleeding, sensitive and irritated gums) is caused by bacteria that builds up plaque and then tooth decay. The bacteria form a group, known as a biofilm that is very difficult to remove or reduce. 


  • Oral pain and inflammation, including post dental surgery or throat infection. 

  • Oral thrush (an overgrowth of fungi)

  • Mouth ulcers

  • Bad breath


Oracyn is a fast acting spray that reduces symptoms, reduces bacteria and fungi, does not contain alcohol or other irritating ingredients.



How effective is Oracyn?


  • Oracyn has been shown to resolve gingivitis and bleeding associated with brushing in as little as 5 days. 


  • Oracyn as a gargle (30 seconds) has been shown to eliminate the bacteria responsible for causing strep throat, without damage to the cells and tissue of the mouth. 


Oracyn does not damage or stain teeth, the mouth or dentures. 

What about other products?

  • Chlorhexidine-containing products can cause yellow, brown staining of the teeth and tongue. 


MicroHeal technology has been tested head to head with Chlorhexidine, MicroHeal was found to be more effective in reducing bacteria.

Oracyn will not stain teeth, tongue or dentures.


  • Povidone iodine-containing solutions can irritate the lining and cells of the mouth. 
    Oracyn was found to be more effective than povidone iodine for the relief of oral pain and inflammation.



Oracyn is an effective aid against common mouth infections and relieves symptoms while protecting from future infection. 

Directions for using Oracyn


Apply Oracyn® three or more times daily, directly to the affected area.

Ensure the area is well saturated with Oracyn®.

For a sore, red and inflamed mouth or throat use Oracyn® as a gargle and rinse.

Do not swallow the used solution.



Suitable for use with fillings and dentures.

Oracyn® is non-irritating and non-staining.



Use within 60 days of opening